Introducing Direct Care Membership

  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Improved access to your doctor
  • Covers primary health care needs
  • $79/month per person
  • Most of all… You Get Peace of Mind
A Personal Approach to Medicine

Your journey to optimal health begins with a comprehensive health assessment. Based on your personal “state of health” we provide you a detailed Health Plan. Our dedicated team is committed to helping improve your health.

You receive a personal Health Plan Advocate who oversees your progress. Your plan may prescribe working with other team members including, a health coach, dietician or nutritionist, personal trainer and of course your physician and physician assistants.

We practice a new and exciting branch of medicine known as Functional Medicine (…learn more below). While traditional healthcare is becoming more impersonal, we work hard to create a strong personal relationship with you. We are excited by your success!

Now, let’s explore how Direct Care Membership can save you money!

Direct Care Membership

A Revolutionary Approach to Health Care!
What’s Included?

Direct Care Membership covers everything the doctor can do in the office. Membership provides unlimited access to a provider through the physician access portal.

What’s not Included?

Direct Care Membership does not cover the cost of prescriptions, labs, x-rays or hospital treatments. However, personal health insurance does. Also, many people use their Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for their membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I Receive quality care as a member?
We limit the number patients in our membership program so we can spend as much time as needed with you. Your health concerns can be better diagnosed and treated properly. Our goal is help you live longer and healthier!

Q: Do I still need health insurance?
Yes, you do. However, it is our opinion that you will save money over a traditional health insurance plan by coupling Direct Care Membership with a high deductible insurance plan and a health savings account.

Functional Medicine and Direct Care

20th Century medicine has greatly improved our quality of life. We have come to rely on pharmaceuticals to overcome infections and support deficiencies in our bodies. In medicine, we have learned to manage and even cure some diseases. But, despite our best efforts – cutting, poisoning, and burning disease is not enough… chronic disease is on the rise and getting worse!

What if we could avoid disease in the first place?

Welcome to Functional Medicine. This new modern approach to medicine is based on advanced science including the newest findings in genetics, aging and the mechanisms that cause adverse molecular changes in our bodies. Chronic diseases develop over time. Unlike traditional medicine where therapy begins when the symptoms of a disease show up, functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of disease before symptoms appear. And there’s much more! When chronic disease is already present, treating the root cause provides the hope of mitigating disease where traditional care has failed. In some cases, it may even be possible to “unwind” a disease back to a healthy state.

Functional Medicine considers the whole person. Health is expressed by the proper function of complex interdependent systems. Our bodies are designed to be healthy, and from health comes all the best things of life.

Direct Care Membership starts the journey. With your physician as your guide, discover the optimal expression of your health… giving you a longer time to enjoy your life!

Traditional Health Care versus Direct Care Membership

Comparative Differences
Feature Traditional Model Direct Care Membership Model
Cost Premium $500-$2000/month
(out-of-pocket costs)
$99 Registration Fee
Deductible $300-$10,000 $0
Visit Co-Pay $30-$100 $0
Annual Out-of-Pocket Costs $6,300-$35,000 $1,050
Appointment Availability 1-6 Weeks Same Day or Next Day
Patient Panel 2,000-5,000 patients/provider 500 members/provider
Lobby Wait Time 20-60 minutes 0-10 minutes
Average Time with Doctor 6-8 minutes 30 minutes – 1 hour
Access to Doctor By Appointment Only Unlimite Access via Portal
Treatment Paradigm Allopathic (Prescription Drug Centered) Osteopathic/Functional Medicine
Treatment Approach Per Insurance,
Per Treatment Guidelines, Drug Centered Care
Functional Medicine
Individualized Care
Identify Root Cause
Treatments: Lifestyle, Nutritional, and Preventive Centered Care

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